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How to Potty train your dog effectively

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Welcome to our expert guide on potty training your adult dog!

Bringing a new furry friend into your home is an exciting time, but it also requires a lot of work and patience – especially when it comes to potty training. Many people assume that adult dogs will automatically know what to do, but the truth is that every dog is different and has their own unique adjustment period.

Our comprehensive ebook will guide you through the process of potty training your adult dog more effectively, using tried and tested methods that have been successful with countless dogs. You’ll learn how to create a routine that works for both you and your furry friend, as well as tips and tricks for dealing with accidents and setbacks.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn...

About the trainer and company

Hunde Squad K9s is founded by Saptadeep Pal, Internationally known as a K9 trainer and behaviour expert in dogs.

He is also the pioneer in bringing the concept of Board & Train “Bootcamps” for dogs with problems or misunderstood owners in India. A program that rehabilitates dogs through extensive care with the right nutrition to work out to strong obedience.

He has so far trained more than 50 full-fledged professional trainers in India and abroad – who now run their successful dog training businesses and thousands of positive heartwarming turnaround stories of pups trained by them.

The inspiration behind the company is Nia, Saptadeep’s first pet dog who is a senior pitbull. When he saw the sheer amount of ignorance and negative judgement common people had towards dogs even based on breed name ALONE, that set him off on a journey to transform the lives of dogs and pet owners through education, training, workshop and today lots of national flagship programs use his guidelines at their institutions.

He also achieved the Highest Scores in Obedience Trials together with the youngest working-line female German Shepherd

– Alita Of Hunde Squad, CD.

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